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Common Questions

What is your training methodology?

Here at the Canine Training Company, we believe that happy dogs make the best students. We want your dog to enjoy the learning process. We do not believe in one size fits all training. Which is why we work with whatever training tools will be the best fit for your dog to be successful.

Do you have video of dogs trained by your company?

Do Stay & Trains really work?

Yes! We often here, "but if I'm not doing all the work with my dog they will not learn to listen to me".  The best way to think of Stay & Train (boarding programs) is like kids going off to school. We have dedicated our lives to being teachers. We know how to help your dog learn, and how to properly encourage them through things they may struggle with. What we do is lay the foundation so when your dog comes home they understand what is being asked of them.

What will my dog be doing during their Stay & Train?

Besides learning, your dog gets to play outside, go on field trips and get individualized attention.  This is what sets us apart from other dog training companies. Your dog will be treated to a home-like environment while with us. We believe that play and keeping things low-stress for your dog is so important for their leaning experience. Which is why we only take on a few Stay & Train dogs at a time.

Do you work with all dog breeds?

We accept all dog breeds. Whether it is private lessons, or a Stay & Train program.

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