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All training programs start here. Talk with a trainer to discuss behavioral issues or dog training goals. From there we can find a program to help you and your dog get on the right path.

Talk With a Trainer

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Private lessons are a great option for both dogs and their owners. Conducted in the convenience of your own home, or at a location of your choosing.

We offer:

Puppy 101- Perfect for those who are first-time dog owners. We'll help you with potty training, crate training, managing mouthiness, and introducing basic obedience. Ideal for dogs between 6 and 14 weeks old.  Not only is it conducted in the convenience of your home, but it's also 100% safe for puppies not yet fully vaccinated.

Program Pricing: $375 

4 One Hour Lessons


In-Home Lessons- Work at your own pace. Schedule lessons as you need them. We can assist you with training your dog to stop destructive behavior, crate training, not jumping on guests, or getting your dog to respond to commands promptly.

Program Pricing: $100

One Hour Lesson

Out & About Lessons- These lessons are perfect for owners with dogs that become overstimulated in public places. Work on things like better leash manners, follow-through with obedience commands, and remaining neutral to people and dogs. 

Program Pricing: $100

One Hour Lesson

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& Train


Board & Trains are perfect for owners who:

Do not have the time to work with their dog every day.

Need professional help addressing behaviors.

An alternative to boarding when going on holiday.


Our programs are not about being a "boot camp" for your dog. We try to make your dog's stay more like an adventure camp. Where learning and play are combined in a home-styled environment.

Payment programs are available through AfterPay!


We Offer:

Beginner Obedience: This course teaches the fundamentals of Sit, down, not jumping up and come when called. This is an on-leash program. Includes- 7 days of training & 1 private go-home lesson.  

Program Pricing $900

*training collars/harnesses not included in price.

Intermediate Obedience: This course teaches Sit, down, off, no jumping up, loose leash walking, and ignoring distractions when out on a walk. This is an on-leash program. Includes- 14 days of training & 2 private go-home lessons.

Program Pricing $1,550

*training collars/harnesses not included in price.

Advanced Obedience: This course teaches Sit, down, no jumping up, manners when greeting company, loose leash walking, ignoring distractions when out on a walk, and come when called off-leash. This program also addresses nuisance behaviors such as leash reactivity, barking in the house, counter surfing, and digging in the yard. This is an off-leash program. Includes- 21 days of training & 3 private go-home lessons.

 Program Pricing $2,000

*training collars/harnesses not included in price.

Above & Beyond: This course focuses on off- and on-leash obedience with all commands. Loose leash walking/heel position; come when called; sit, down, off command; bed command; ignoring distractions; politely greeting company and no jumping up.

This program also addresses nuisance behaviors such as barking, counter surfing, digging, chewing, and pushy behavior. This is an off-leash program. Includes- 28 days of training & 4 private go-home lessons.

Program Pricing- $ 3,000

*training collars/harnesses not included in price.

Behavior Modification

Behavior modification is for dogs that are showing undesirable behavior towards people or other animals due to being fear reactive or aggressive.

Please contact us so we can help you determine if Private Lessons, or a Boarding Program will be your best course of action.

Program Pricing:

Private Lesson- $150 per lesson

Board & Train- $750 per week

Payment programs available through AfterPay!

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